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We two Kelvins are on an adventure. Not quite retired – can’t afford to but not willing to sit idle and wile away our years working for the “man” or to feather our own or others nests. Willing to go where the Lord asks or opens doors and wanting to make the latter time of our lives more impacting and fulfilling than our former years. We want to leave an inheritance to our children and grandchildren that is not just in terms of finance but is a legacy of living life sold out to the purposes of God.

In 1992 God spoke to Paul and I regarding “Going”.  “Go into all the world and preach the gospel.”  We began to be stirred to go to the nations. We did a couple of small trips in obedience but then came the call to go abroad to a country we had to look up on a map and see where it was. So we left our country and our family. For nearly 10 years we moved between nations and then came home to learn, set up a base and renew our strength. Family health issues kept us at home for an extended period but now we are on the move again after 10 years. We again find ourselves in new nations. For 2 years we have been on the move, working, travelling, walking, cruising, and house sitting.

Age has not wearied us. In fact we live under the word, “That as we wait upon the Lord we will renew our strength.” Isaiah 40:31 Join with us in prayer, celebration of life, and opportunity. We long to see the fullness of Christ revealed in all people we encounter.  Would you like to  know how we lived overseas? How did God speak to us about going? How would you support yourself? Why go? Comment and let us know how we can perhaps help you unlock some mighty adventures and exploits that await you!

Heading out on our pilgrimage walk through France and Spain 2015