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Siri the Brilliant

I have never liked the thought of speaking to a computer! It must be the movies around where the super computer goes rogue that set me off. It could just be my aversion to speaking to a machine and constantly feeling  inferior to it!

Yesterday we listened as Siri melted down in response to numerous questions, due to our aussie accents perhaps or maybe the type of questions we were asking.  She just couldn’t get it and the more we spoke slowly or tried different approaches the worse her responses became.

We needed to know something this morning so asked Siri, wondering if she had recovered her sanity from yesterday’s melt down.

After getting correct answers to our questions, we decided to have some fun with it.

The conversations went something like this.

Us, “Siri you’re brilliant.”

It, “I aspire not to greatness but to usefulness.”

Us, Paul actually, “I think you have a sexy voice.”

It, “I’m glad you think so!” (First time she just repeated it and tried to find something online regarding the comment)

Us, “Siri do you think?”

It, “I most certainly can.” (The first time she made a similar comment)

Us, “Do you have feelings?”

It, “Virtual assistants have feelings, too.

Sniff. At least, I think I do!” (First time – I feel we should get back to work)

Us, “Thank you Siri!”

It, “You are most welcome!”

Then I tried to see if she responded differently to a female voice

Me…”Siri do you like me?”

It, “Thy friendship makes us fresh.”

Me, “Do you like my husband?”

It, “I would rather not say.:

Me, “Do you get jealous?”

It, “I’ve never really thought about it.”

After a few questions relating to feelings, we finally said, “So you don’t have feelings!”

Its response – “I don’t want to argue!”

Some of the responses left us gob-smacked! I know the computer geeks are out there going…it’s just a binary code!! I know that, but it still freaks me out when a machine can process thoughts about feelings.

I guess I do feel we give machines way too much power in our lives already. It’s not so much the machine but the people running the machines with information gathering and controls.

There are so many things that can happen with all that information. We know the possibilities but we all try not to think about them! Artificial intelligence – where the computer is able to change its own programming as it “develops”. That is more than a little intimidating to me!

I remember talking with a computer geek one time and as he told me some things, I commented that he was freaking me out.

He commented, “Some nights it’s hard to sleep when you think about what can be done!”

People love them. People hate them. Some have no feelings about them at all – they just use them. Like them or love them computers are here and controlling our lives on every level. Think not! Try driving your car, household machines, phone, airplanes, shipping, even your coffee machines now! They are everywhere! Farmers even use them to grow crops and livestock more effectively! Oh and don’t forget the humble computer itself that we all rely on so heavily!

Turn the plug off and see what would happen.

Ok! Scared you enough for the day! Go have a chat to Siri! I am sure she will make you feel better.

Blessings Until next time!






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