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Life in the Slow Lane

Wow! So much time has passed between writings! I am ashamed to say I have not been on my site for so long. The past few years since 2020 and the great COVID lock down has been a challenge to many in so many different ways. We were stuck in Virginia on a little farm. However, our life really didn’t change much during that time.

We were building a house, a cabin, planting up gardens and raising goats and chickens. There were so many trips to Home Depot or Bunnings to my Aussie counterparts – where you could go. Tractor Supply is my new “love to shop place” and then there were outings to the food stores! When mandates lifted, there were trips around the State of Virginia and interstate. Discovering such exciting places as Kentucky and the incredible recreated Noah’s Ark; Participating in an amazing prayer walk in Washington, DC. Travelling to “free” Mexico to visit with old friends and discovering new places.

It actually was a couple of good years in many ways. Our “Mud Room” has become a place of prayer and praise transforming our little secluded place into a space where we travel the globe, praying and interceding as God leads us. He called us to a new repentance of heart in turning back to Him with ALL of our hearts. I kept saying I began to feel I was suffering from spiritual anorexia – I thought I was fat spiritually when I looked in the mirror but I was actually starving myself, not reading and studying the Word as I should; Prayer times had become McDonalds type prayer, fast and easy and not often. We are so wanting quick and easy in our lives including with God but He warns us not to grow lukewarm in our walk with Him. That is worse than cold! He says in Revelation that He wants us to be hot; on fire; passionate in our first love for Him.

That was both Paul’s and my take away from the COVID time: Repent – Look up because your redemption is drawing near and Look out – The Harvest is ripe for Harvest.

The rebirth of my site has begun. Keep an eye out for my snippets of our adventures and the challenges of this life.

Blessings from Paul and Narelle from the beautiful Eastern Shore of Virginia.

Recreation of Noah’s Ark in Kentucky!


Over 60 heading to the 70 mark! Loving and living life in all of its craziness and fun. A believer in Jesus Christ as my Lover, Healer, Deliverer and Friend as well as Saviour of the World - My world in particular! Wondering what journeys are coming my way.

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