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Eastern Shore Nigerian Goats Have Arrived

Eastern Shore, Chesapeake Bay, Virginia, USA. This is our current address. For three years now we have been in the USA whilst undertaking many travels to other places. As of today, however,  we are “grounded” as per our daughter, Naomi’s instructions. We have adopted three beautiful kids: Not the human kind the goat kind. We have been transitioning to the Eastern Shore, Cape Charles in particular to their little farm, for the past 2 months. We have commuted for the past 2 years but we are now here more than the other side, Norfolk so have been shifting our gear and unpacking our bags for the first time properly in those years.

Back to the kids! I have never owned farm animals before, except a calf that God rest it’s poor soul did not fare well under my care! I have learned well.

I researched for a long time and after much resistance from my family, gave up and took the plunge myself and purchased three little beauties. I have opted for Nigerian dwarf goats, as they are great for brush clearing, and good milkers if I should decide to travel that road at a later date. However, there will be no goat meat from this property!

Our farm life is coming together in a new way so please good to me and like and follow my vlog posts as well as my blog! Paul and I will be showing you how to set up a small market garden, keep bees (hopefully without killing them) and also using goats as brush clearers. There might even be some chickens as well soon. As well we are looking to build some glamping tents for farm stays. It is going to be a busy time so being grounded for the next few months sounds like a good idea.

I have been very slack in the past 2 years but we have had a lot going on.

No excuses! I haven’t made time to write. So I am posting this today as the beauties have arrived. Enjoy the videos!

Until next time

Blessings from Paul and Narelle (The Fair Dinkum farmer and his Sheila)




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